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Beta is a dealer of used diecasting machines and secondhand die casting equipment. Brands include Buhler, Toshiba, Idra, UBE, Prince, HPM, Frech, DTI, Weingarten, Italpresse, National, Kard, Rimrock and others. We specialize in cold chamber and hot chamber machines and various types of diecasting equipment, die casting machinery, buying excess equipment, plant liquidations, auctions and global equipment searching. All machines on this website are in stock!

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Multi-Slide Die Casting Machine - Ref. No. 3942

350 ton TOSHIBA
Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine - Ref. No 3916

350 ton TOSHIBA
Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine - Ref. No. 3917

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This website is a comprehensive worldwide online resource and directory of used die casting machines and secondhand die casting equipment.  Here you will find one of the largest selections of secondhand diecasting machines and used die casting equipment anywhere in the world. We stock all major brands and sizes of used and secondhand die casting machines and die casting equipment for all over the world. We are not just a broker who sells other people's machines.  Rather all the machines that you see on our website have been purchased by us and and are in stock in our warehouse and available for immediate delivery. PVM druckgussmaschinen. Our inventory changes often so be sure to visit our website regularly.  However, if you do not see a specific used die casting machine that you need or some other type of used or secondhand die casting equipment, then please contact us and we will be glad for search for it through our global network. Die cast machinery is our specialty.

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Company Description:
Beta Die Casting Equipment is the largest buyer and reseller of used diecasting machines and secondhand die casting equipment in the world, with over 25 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the global market. We are a service orientated company that is dedicated to help you find the right machine for your application and budget. We have a huge inventory of second hand machines available for immediate delivery.

We specialize in used high pressure and low pressure die casting machines. We have sold 100's of used die casting machines worldwide to more than 30 countries and 5 continents. So mf these countries are India, China, Mexico, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Russian, Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt,  Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

Besides sales we also purchase die cast machines, diecasting equipment and complete die casting factories worldwide for cash.  Our company also offers comprehensive services such as facility appraisals, financing, plant liquidations and sales of on-going businesses.

We sell all types of equipment which is used in the die casting industry such as cold chamber aluminum die casting machines and hot chamber zinc high pressure die casting machines, trim presses, furnaces, automation, finishing, inspection and machining equipment. We take great pride in assisting our customers throughout the purchasing process including organizing competitive ocean freight.  We have much experience in international packing, containerizing and shipping.

We stock European die casting machines made by Buhler, Idra, Italpresse, Frech, Weingarten, Colosio, Upre, Agrati, and Triulzi. From Asia, we stock diecasting machines such as Toshiba, UBE, Toyo, Zitai, BSK, KDK, Producer, and LK. From the United States we stock die casting machines such as Prince, HPM, BuhlerPrince, Lester, B&T, THT, National, Birch, Kux. From Canadian machines such as Techmire, Dynacast, Triad and Fishercast.

We also offer used or secondhand die cast automation including, auto ladles, reciprocating die sprayers and extractors (dedicated and robotic). Brands we stock include ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Kuka and Motoman robot, Toshiba, Rimrock, Snair, Advance Products.

We also stock all types of auxiliary equipment such die temperature control units (hot oil units) from Regoplas, Sterlco, Mokon, QPC, Advance, Robamat and Advantage. Plus X-ray machines, spectrometers, shot blast machines, CNC machines and much more.  We also sell 4 post hydraulic trim presses from Robopres, Tecnopres, Reis, Diesse Presse, Brescia Presse, Metal Mechanics, Hannifin, KR Wilson, Corsteel and Kard.

Cold Chamber high pressure die casting machines are used for casting Aluminum (Aluminium), Brass and Magnesium alloys as well as the more exotic die casting processes such as horizontal and vertical squeeze die casting and semi-solid casting processes.  See this link cold chamber machines.

Hot Chamber High pressure die casting machines are used for casting Zinc, Zmak (zmac), Magnesium, Pewter and Lead. There are two major sub-categories of hot chamber machines, traditional horizontal machines and what are called multi-slide die casting machines.  See this link hot chamber machines.

Specialty Die Casting Machinery for Semi-Soild, Squeeze, Rheocast and Thixomolding are growing in popularity especially in the automotive industry for various components that are used in the suspension systems and steering systems.

For a full selection of available equipment, please visit our Used Equipment Page

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